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“Hey Susan, I love my new office!” – Jenn



“I want to thank Susan for all that her company, Restful Nests, has done for me. Susan saved my life with her organizational skills. I am so grateful to have found this company. Without it, I never would have succeeded in this move from my residence of 25 years to my new home in a three week period. Susan was able to successfully empty out my three‑story house as well as three outbuildings and organize them and box them all up with labels stating the contents within. She also referred me to the proper movers to have everything in my new home on time for my closing date, having instructed them after I agreed to hire them. When I arrived at my new home, all items were in place in the proper rooms, since Susan had labeled the boxes as to which rooms they were to go in. I can only say thank you and that I highly recommend Restful Nests as the go‑to company for anyone out there requiring a little or a lot of help with organizing or relocating to a new residence!” – Nancy Lawler



“I wanted to let you know that my mom recently passed away. I was thinking over all the people to whom I am so grateful for their kindness and service as she quickly lost the capacity to manage her life while living on her own. Her first move, from her 3‑story home to a 2-bedroom independent living apartment, seemed an impossible task. With very little instruction, you organized and packed per my hopes…and better and faster than I ever would have been able to handle, myself.”

“Within a short period of time, she would need to move to a skilled nursing facility – again a significant downsizing of her belongings. Again, you came to the rescue, handling the organization, packing, and arrangement of storage for what she would not be able to take to the new facility. Again, with so little direction, her favorite things surrounded her at the end of her life, and you carefully and thoroughly labeled everything going to the storage facility you found. That made it so simple for my family to manage her belongings after her death.”

“These urgently necessary tasks would have created a burden I never could have handled . . . either emotionally or physically. Counting on you to take care of it all with such care left me free to be with my mother. I will always be grateful to you and would recommend you, without reservation, to anyone who needed such help. Please call on me if I can ever serve as a referral for you and Restful Nests.” – Maggie Reeder



    “A year from now, you will wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb




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