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Will I have to get rid of belongings that I love?
Never! You will have the final say on what to keep, give away to family and friends, donate, sell, or toss. The things you love will be where you can readily use them or just enjoy admiring them. They can be organized and displayed in an attractive way that honors them. It all depends on your own goals for your space.

Can friends and family help with my project?
While you may be blessed with others who offer to pitch in to save time and effort, it can become a help or a hindrance. You are the best judge of who will be dependable, focused, pleasant and truly helpful. They must be able to support that you are the final decision maker and that I have the experience to orchestrate the process. If you fear an awkward situation, let’s talk about it.

Do you do cleaning?
I’m an organizer, not a cleaner. At my orderly home, everything is in its logical place, but we do have to dust and polish it all before company arrives! That being said, there will be times that organizing and cleaning go hand in hand. When a book shelf must be cleaned before arranging items on it, for example, I would do so without a second thought.

How long will my project take?
I will give you an estimate at the end of our assessment visit. Any project can require more or less time than expected depending on the number and length of interruptions we are challenged with, how quickly decisions are made, and what lies beneath the surface. Organizing a drawer, for example, could take a few minutes or a few hours depending on what’s in it.

You say “we” a lot. Can’t I just leave it to you?
I will definitely need your presence to make decisions when we sort items into the categories of “keep, give, donate, sell or toss,” but I can certainly take it from there. The sorting process can be an emotional ride, and I want to be there to support you and help you keep your eye on your goals. The benefit of our working together on the rest, other than saving time (remember, time is money) is that I would be coaching you in organizing wisdom and tips that will help keep your nest maintained.

Do you work on holidays or weekends?
The beauty of owning my business is that I can schedule according to my clients’ needs. I am willing to work on holidays and weekends when necessary.



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